Karen Shavin, MEd, RYT 500, GCFP, LMT
Somatic Therapy including Somatic Experiencing, The Feldenkrais(TM) Method, Yoga, Meditation and Massage Therapy


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” This idea resonates with me at a very primordial level.  

Have you ever watched a baby as it takes in information through the senses? Slowly, through the newly developing senses and with wonder, the child discovers a world built from experiences. These experiences, together with the baby's biological inheritance, are the human's way of knowing and shape the course of its life. Often the baby, as it grows through childhood, adulthood, and old age, can become overwhelmed, forgetting that these experiences become knowledge by choice, of where attention is placed and how it is allowed to shape actions and behaviors. We can make other choices.

Humans are creatures of habit. Generally, we act without conscious thought, as if there is no other way to be in our bodies. This can be a good thing in that we don't need to concentrate to put one foot in front of the other to walk. But moving mindlessly, without awareness, also allows us to perpetuate dysfunctional patterns that can negatively influence our health and well-being. One of our most enduring habits is the way in which we move through our lives.

This is easiest to see on a physical level. Slouching over a desk, always standing with weight on one leg, even habitually carrying a purse on the same shoulder or reaching with the same arm to lift objects--these repeated patterns can take a toll.

Daily mental stress also impinges on movement of muscles and joints, impacting physiological and psychological health as well. Our patterns serve us well for survival. It is when we get stuck in a survival mode, perceived or real, that we get in trouble. Sometimes we can get stuck in a way of moving that served us well at one point but, perpetuated, no longer allows us the freedom we deserve. Sometimes the survival mode makes us hyper vigilant, affecting both physical and emotional health and leading to chronic disease and/or mental health conditions. Sometimes we get stuck in thought patterns that keep us from being able to move forward. Living in a survival mode keeps us from fully living.

We often forget that we have choices. The human being in the physical world forgets who they really are. We are more than just the sum total of our thoughts, feelings and our current situation. It is our life’s work to find a personal meaning for existence. There is no one way to living a good life but there is always a place to begin.  What is important is that you begin. What I hope to offer is tools to help you remember who you really are and use that power to live the life you choose.


Begin here, now.



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